On Wednesday, 16 February 2005, my ex-girlfriend and I arrived at the Oakland airport. We went to Larkin's house for the night.
On Thursday, 17 February, we took Bay Area Rapid Transit to San Francisco. We walked to Yerba Buena Gardens.
There was a waterfall there. It was a very pretty area.
Then we walked to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We looked at just about every object inside. We had lunch and then walked to the nearby cartoon museum. It was smaller and we were able to see everything inside very quickly. Then we walked to the Embarcadero.
This is the ferry building.
This fountain is nearby. We ate gelato and then rode a cable car on California Street to the end and back.
We took BART back to Oakland and saw the Aviator movie with Larkin. On Friday, 18 February we took BART to San Francisco again. We had breakfast at Lori's Diner. Then we walked to Union Square. IMG_0201.JPG
There was a sculpture of a heart in Union Square. There is a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge on it.
We left Union Square and walked through Chinatown to Coit tower. Then we walked on Lombard Street. Next we walked to Pier 41 to get our Alcatraz tickets. We had lunch at In and Out Burger. After lunch we got on the boat and went to Alcatraz.
We did the audio tour and walked around the island. The weather was nice. When we got back we went to an aquarium with two exhibits that put us in clear tubes at the bottom of huge tanks of fish and sharks. It is an imitation of being under the bay. When we left it was pouring rain. We walked to Ghirardelli Square for hot chocolate. We took a MUNI bus to meet our friend Rosie for dinner. After dinner visited her apartment and then went back out for dessert. We took another MUNI bus back to a BART station to get back to Oakland.
On Saturday, 19 February we had breakfast with Larkin, Brandon, and Michael. We took BART into San Francisco with Brandon and Michael. My ex-girlfriend and I met up with my cousin Sam and his girlfriend, Sally, and the four of us walked through the ferry building and the farmer's market behind it. Rosie joined the four of us for lunch.
My ex-girlfriend, Rosie, Sam and I walked to Union Square to watch the Chinese New Year parade. We went upstairs in a Macy's store and looked out the window at the parade below us. Larkin met my ex-girlfriend, Rosie and me for dinner at a restaurant called First Crush. After dinner, the four of walked to the hotel room where Brandon and Michael were staying. We took BART back to Oakland with Larkin.
On Sunday, 20 February, Larkin drove us to the Haight. We walked on Haight and Ashbury, looked in stores, and ate pizza.
Larkin drove us to Golden Gate Park. She brought a frisbee. We met Brandon and Michael there.
The five of us drove to the Golden Gate bridge and we walked part of the way across it. It was cold and raining and the wind was blowing so hard that we watched another man's cap blow off his head (to be lost into the bay). We walked back to the car and Larkin drove my ex-girlfriend and me to Muir woods.
When we finished walking around Muir woods we drove back to Oakland.
Sam and Sally picked the three of us up and we all drove to Berkeley for dinner.
On Monday, 21 February, we took BART to the Mission district. We walked to Balmy Alley to see the murals there. We eventually took BART again to meet Jared for Lunch. We walked through the Academy of Sciences with Jared and looked at the fish, penguins, snakes, and spiders. Then I rented a car and we drove on the Scenic 49 Mile Drive until we got to Ghirardelli Square again, where we stopped for ice cream.
Then we drove to the Palace of Fine Art and walked around.

We continued driving to the Palace of the Legion of Honor. We picked Rosie up at her apartment and drove with her on more of the Scenic 49 Mile Drive, past some beaches and parks. We dropped Rosie off and drove back to Oakland. We had dinner with Larkin and some of her friends.
On Tuesday, 22 February 2005, we drove to the airport, returned the car, and flew to New York.