Nepal - Fall 1999


BACK: Andy, Graham, and Joe
FRONT: Dapindra Maharjan

Andy, Joe, Dapindra, and
Arbindra Maharjan

Arbindra and Dapindra are brothers and Joe (Jeevon Maharjan) was treated like a brother

Joe, Arbindra, Dapindra,
Andy, and Newayishi

Dapindra, a second
monk, and Newayishi

Swayambu from
a distance

Floating Vishnu

Face Paint

We had designs symbolizing the Nepali flag painted on our faces to show support for a football game during the South Asian Federation Games in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Nights

Manjul, Graham, Udaya, Udaya, Graham, and Manjul
Udaya still has my Tabor Track and Field windbreaker, which has my name embroidered on the sleeve

Thami Village

These four sisters treated Joe
and me like brothers

Four sisters, two brothers,
a father, and a mother

and the neighbors
all in the yard

Our two oldest sisters, Suesilla
and Nummeeta, were very good
at bouncing orange flowers with
their feet for minutes at a time

MALES: Jaymon (our father), Graham, and Joe
FEMALES: Rozkumari (a neighbor) and
two of our sisters: Nummeeta and
Suesmeeta, the youngest

A long, bouncy bridge
we had to cross on the
way to and from the

Emma-Rose shot this picture
while we were in the village
She didn't want to keep
it so she let me keep it

Joe and I lived with these four sisters and their parents, Jaymon and Dillkumari, for a week
They spoke less than ten words of Nepali and English
Joe and I spoke less than ten words of Thami
I think we all communicated very well
I think the names of the sisters, from oldest to youngest, were:
Suesilla, Nummeeta, Bobbeeta, and Suesmeeta

Himalayan Trek

ALTITUDE: 16,000'
I think this hike lasted three weeks
Ice at night
T-shirts in the afternoon